What is the cheapest fence to build?

The cheapest fence to build will depend on your budget and the amount of space that you have. A cheap fence can be made from pallets and recycled metal sheeting. This type of fence can be used anywhere, but the cost of labour may be high. 

You can also hire a fence contractor, like Quality Timber & Fencing, to build parts of the fence for you, such as the rails and pickets. These services are usually cheaper than hiring a contractor, but you should check with your local building department before digging.

Timber Fencing

DIYers can save money by building their fence. If it is your first time, you may waste materials and end up with a fence that looks terrible. You may also end up with large holes in your yard. 

Cheaper Materials

If you are concerned about wasting time and money, you may want to consider purchasing panels. They are also easier to install and look more professional than pickets. If you are a first-time DIYer, consider purchasing fence kits or buying pre-made panels.

Another inexpensive material to consider is pallets. Pallets are widely available and can be used for various home projects. Pallet fences are no exception. You can build a fence from pallets using pallets and poultry coop cable. You can even build them with a pallet or two. If you want a strong fence, you can put some pots or soil on it to add some weight. For a more durable fence, you can put cement and soil around the pallets.


The cheapest fence to build is made of wire. A one-acre piece of land can cost anywhere from $1-$7 per foot, depending on the style and location. Although the fence is cheap, it is not the most aesthetically pleasing option. You can make use of pallets to build a fence that won’t be seen by others. However, be sure to check out the local building regulations to make sure that you are not breaking any laws.

Another inexpensive fence option is corrugated metal. It is highly durable and can withstand a variety of weather conditions. However, it does need a protective coating to keep it looking good. It can be used for fencing around your backyard. Just make sure to put a protective coat over it to prevent damage and mould. If you choose to go for a wooden fence, be sure to check that the wood doesn’t get damaged by rotting.

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The cost of building a fence depends on what materials you choose. A wood fence is cheap upfront but will require regular stains and treatments to keep it in good shape. However, it will probably not last as long as a vinyl fence, which will last between ten and fifteen years. A no-climb fence is another option that costs around $1.39 to $189 per square foot. This type of fence is popular for livestock since it doesn’t allow animals to climb over it. Because of the small openings, the no-climb fence is also very durable.

Wood costs vary across the country. You can save even more money by buying lumber locally. Use a fence calculator to figure out how much wood you’ll need. It’s always a good idea to check property lines and building codes before you start digging. 

Building a Fence

If there are any restrictions on digging or burying, it may be best to call ahead of time. This will prevent any issues. You don’t want to have any surprises after digging, so be sure to check all of these things before you start.

The larger your acreage, the less material you need to buy. This translates into a lower cost per linear foot. An acre is eight hundred thirty feet square, two acres require 1,180 linear feet, and a ten-acre piece of land requires 2,640 linear feet of fencing material. Extra-long fences, especially if they are irregular in shape, cost more than their rectangular counterparts.

When you want a fence for your yard, you can use wood or iron. A fence made from wood will define the boundary of your property, improve privacy and security, and keep unwanted people out. Wood is also cheaper than other materials, and it will not cost you much to obtain. You can also purchase cheaply-priced stabilizers that prevent rot and termite attacks. Although wooden fences need constant maintenance, they’re also a good choice if you want a fence that lasts.